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Specialist surveys for unique property cases

There will be times when your property’s needs are a little more specific. Steren Surveyors can offer a range of specialist surveys and investigations, created bespoke for your property.

Specific Defect Analysis Report

Defect Analysis Reports can be used to identify and diagnose the likely cause of a specific defect or to cast an expert eye over particular areas of concern.

A full, comprehensive inspection will be undertaken around the area of concern, along with additional areas that could potentially be affected by the initial defect. You’ll then receive a detailed report to help guide you through potential solutions to any issues highlighted.

Find out more about Defect Analysis Reports by contacting our expert team.

Residential Property Verbal Consultation

Don’t want a full Building survey with a report, but would still like reassurance from a RICS Professional Surveyor? A verbal Residential Survey Consultation might be right for you.

This includes a comprehensive inspection (similar to that of a Building Survey) followed by a meeting via phone or Zoom to discuss our findings.

Reach out for more information on a residential property verbal consultation.

Listed Building Survey

Listed buildings require a specialist assessment approach compared to standard properties. At Steren Surveyors, we carry years of experience assessing listed properties, so we’re perfectly positioned to help.

When undertaking a RICS Building Survey on a listed building, special attention must be made to identify and report on any unauthorised building alterations.

When the house changes hands, the responsibility for such changes is passed on to the new owners. This can result in significant, unexpected financial outlay.

We will review the official listed building schedule to uncover and highlight any unauthorised works. This can have a huge impact on early conversations around the cost of the property.

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Post Survey Care -

Unique to Steren Surveyors

Your survey is just the start. At Steren Surveyors, we can provide a unique, one to one, post-survey consultation - designed to help you break down and understand the results of your survey with complete transparency.

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