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Our RICS Registered Valuers can offer Expert Witness valuation advice for residential properties throughout Cornwall.

A comprehensive CV can be provided for all Parties, including the acting court, to demonstrate his expertise and in-depth experience of the Cornish property market.

The valuers have a comprehensive understanding of the court procedures and the nuances to properties titles which may have to be taken into consideration. Valuations can be undertaken for individual residential, portfolios, and holiday lets.

We take RICS compliance seriously and respect it to the utmost degree. Our valuations and opinions of market value given all the facts, circumstances and market conditions known at the date of any report. Changes in market sentiment can occur without warning, brought about by any number of external factors, affecting confidence about stability, affordability or fears about more prolonged market falls, even recession.

The valuation method adopted is the comparable approach. This method seeks to compare the subject property to other properties which have sold ideally Her Majesty’s Land Registry (HMLR) data around the valuation date and within a similar geographical area. The approach relies upon the accuracy of the information collected about the sold comparable properties so that correct adjustments can be made to arrive at the valuation.

As is the case with historic valuations it can be difficult to obtain information regarding the sold properties, either because it has not been recorded or that the records are incomplete, it is therefore often necessary to gather this information from numerous sources and to cross reference. In some historic Valuation cases and analysis of the ROI (Retail Price Index) must be utilised.

Reliable comparable property evidence is correlated and utilised within a comprehensive internal comparable matrix, with a minimum of 18 indices to apply these adjustments with special attention to the market variances within Cornwall.

Comprehensively evidenced is each individual subject property and comparable properties; ranging from the EPC`S (Energy Performance Certificates), Rightmove and Estate Agents Particulars, floor plans, photographs, HMLR date, market conditions and compressive desktop research incorporating; flood risk zones, mining areas, Mundic age, crime risk areas, historical maps, listed buildings, Japanese Knotweed areas, conservation areas, Tree Preservation Orders, Planning and Building Regulation history, are but a few.

We ensure comprehensive evidence to ensure when a court appearance is required, the comprehensive evidence Market Valuation approach and descriptive rationales leaves no stone unturned to ensure confidence in the valuation(s) for all parties and the court.  Valuations will be undertaken in accordance with the court’s terms and conditions.

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