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After-survey support - unique to Steren Surveyors

Unlike most surveyors, we don’t believe our job is completed once your property survey is delivered. Navigating the results of your survey can be the most challenging part of property negotiations - with the help of Steren Surveyors’ Post Survey Care Service, you’ll have access to all the guidance and information you need to take that next big step towards completion with confidence.

Your post-survey consultation

We’ve worked hard to make our surveys easy-to-digest, but we won’t leave you to pick through the results alone. We offer all our clients a 1-to-1 post survey consultation session, where we’ll meet with you by Zoom or over the phone to discuss the results of your survey, and advise you on any issues that need to be remedied.

This consultation can make all the difference in understanding the true scope of your survey’s results - allowing you to move forward with total transparency.

Communicating your survey results

During property negotiations, it can be crucial to maintain positive working relationships with all parties - it’s very easy for important information to get misconstrued, potentially damaging the prospects of the purchase altogether.

To help you alleviate these issues, we can assist by communicating survey results to third parties in the chain - helping with renegotiations, and ensuring any remedial works or additional investigations are completed smoothly.

We’re here to help

Find out more about our post-survey services by getting in touch with our helpful team. We’d love to hear from you.