Park Home Surveys

Park Home Surveys from Fully Qualified RICS Surveyors.


We have Park Home specialists who offer in depth bespoke reports specifically for anyone purchasing a Park Home, owning a Park Home, Luxury Holiday Lodges / Holiday Park Homes and Park Home site owners.


Reports for Park Home Purchasers: Modern Park Homes:

Post November 2015 /  BS 3262 Standards.

The key issues that may occur with post 2015 Park homes include inadequate construction on-site, damage in transit, poor installation workmanship and non-galvanised under chassis. We ensure your snagging list is comprehensive and meets with the warranty guidelines.




Reports for Park Home Purchasers: Older Park Homes:

Park Homes that were constructed pre 2015 are more susceptible to significant defects. These defects can not only be costly but result in inhibiting a resale and can also lead to enforced upgrades or even removal from the site in the future.

Our reports cover all areas of possible concern and guidance on there remedy and how to upgrade your Park Home to modern stands utilizing the correct materials as per the BS 3262 Standards.

All our reports are reviewed against the Park Home Rules to ensure site compliance and highlight any concerns regarding key matters of the licencing compliance of the Park Home sites.




Defect Reports for Park Home Owners: Old and New

Reports to help Park Home owners with bespoke reports with regards to : Compliance to Park Home site rules, Park Home warranty disputes, Park Home insurance Claims, Pre – Sale to reduce the  further monetary negotiations Post Park Home Surveys, Park Home maintenance reports, Thermal Efficiency and upgrade Guidance, Fire Safety and full Structural reviews. 




Reports for Park Home Site Owner: One off and annual reviews

As a Park Home site owner, it is importance to ensure you meet your obligations under Licencing Laws and Health and Safety, to protect you against insurance claims, ensure you meet your Liability Insurance requirements, update (BCIS) Insurance calculations ensuring you are adequately covered in the event of a claim can be undertaken.

We review the licencing Laws / requirements of your local council and cross reference and advise on all matters which may include Fire Safety / Safe distancing, health and Safety, road distancing, adequate street lighting and signage matters and Park Home Rules Compliance and more.

Dispute resolutions mainatnce reports are also available.


Key matters for all parties including advice and guidance on:

Park Home Skirt issues (This is one of the most common installation issues for Park Home that can cause material and expensive damage)

Park Home Rood construction

Park Home Fire Safety (A key concern for older Park Homes)

Park Home Rainwater Goods

Park Home Damp Ingress

Park Home Timber wet / dry rot and wood boring beetle infestation attack.

Park Home Deteriorating walls

Park Home Foundation defects

Park Home Transit damage

Park Home Non-compliance with BS 3632

Park Home Thermal Issues (utilising not only a visual inspection but with Thermal imaging)

Park Home Health and safety risks (A key concern for older Park Homes)

Park Home Gas safety supply concerns

Park Home Under chassis deterioration (A key concern for older Park Homes)

Park Home Pitch fibre drainage concerns

Park Home Blown double glazing

Park Home Ventilation concerns

Park Home Non-Compliance with licencing laws

Park Home Noncompliance with Park Home rules and their repercussions


Once our inspection is completed,a detailed matter-of-fact report will be produced incorporating an easy-to-read traffic light system, indicating the severity of the defect / maintenance / compliance issues which are found.

These will be accompanied with supporting photographs with use of an extension pole, to enable a comprehensive inspection of the roof structure and the under chassis along with supporting documents; such as Park Home Rules and Local Licencing Rules.

Initial desktop research establishes any environmental risks such as flooding and crime rates within the area, as well as guidance on guaranties and legal paperwork if required.

With all off our reports you can take advantage of our Post Survey Care Service to discuss in depth any concerns you may have and advice it their remedy. This can be undertaken by a zoom meeting or by telephone for as long as it takes.


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