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Extensive reporting on the status of your commercial property

A schedule of condition or dilapidation can be a powerful tool for business tenants and landlords alike - clearly and explicitly registering the status of a property, whilst potentially avoiding legal and financial complications further down the line.

Our RICS Registered team of expert commercial surveyors have a track record for delivering commercial surveyance services to businesses nationwide. You can explore our resources below, or contact our team for more information.

For commercial tenants: Schedule of Condition

Particularly important for new commercial tenancies, this service utilises extensive photography and a detailed report to document the condition of a new property prior to a new tenancy commencing.

At the end of your lease, a landlord may wish to seek a claim for disrepair or unauthorised alterations to the property. This is known as a ‘dilapidations claim’ and can easily cost the tenant thousands of pounds.

A Schedule of Condition offers a tenant robust, transparent protection at the end of their lease - making it an invaluable tool that can help save considerable amounts of money, time, and legal fees.

For commercial landlords: Schedule of Dilapidations

A Schedule of Dilapidations is a crucial report for a Landlord when a tenancy is either coming to an end or has been terminated.

This report will identify any and all defects, repairs and general maintenance required either as the tenant’s responsibility or for the Landlord to complete ready for the premises to be given back to the Landlord and made available for a new tenant.

This report can be used by the Landlord to commence negotiations with the tenant and to help resolve any issues at the end of tenancy regarding required works.

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