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Operating a hotel or guest house business demands a lot of your time and resources. In an industry where reputation is everything, it’s crucial to maintain the quality, efficiency and safety of your building at all times.

That’s where Steren Surveyors can help. As one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of commercial property services, we’re uniquely placed to help ensure your building remains safe, comfortable and energy efficient.

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What we offer

Guest House Services - what we offer

We carry experience working with hotel and guest house owners across the country - helping them improve customer reputation, and resolve any issues that may result in negative customer feedback. This includes:

Property Services:
We can work with you on a regular basis, identifying and managing all repairs to your building and maintaining standards of safety and quality throughout.

Air Quality Services:
We’ll help maintain and improve air quality in all areas, ensuring no fluctuations in quality (especially important for guests suffering from respiratory illnesses).

Thermal Performance:
We can help to improve your building’s overall thermal performance, reducing energy bills and ensuring a comfortable temperature throughout.

Each Steren Surveyors hotel and guest house service package is designed specifically for you and your business. We can create a package that works for any and all timescales and budgets, no matter how large or small - overseeing any contractors to ensure works are completed on time and on budget, for the smallest impact on guest capacity and cashflow.

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Post Survey Care -

Unique to Steren Surveyors

Your survey is just the start. At Steren Surveyors, we can provide a unique, one to one, post-survey consultation - designed to help you break down and understand the results of your survey with complete transparency.

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